this is me as a dog.


this is me as a dog.

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DAY 1: Boston Common Coffee (Downtown Boston)

I work at an office in downtown boston and normally frequent the Seattle’s Best in the Border’s but it is time for a change.  The first stop on my quest for independently owned coffee was the Boston Common Coffee Company on Washington Street. When you walk in you know you are in a ‘real coffee shop’ from the tattooed hipster baristas with bleach blonde pixi cuts to the light jazz playing through the boss speakers it just screams ‘cool’. The shop features neat purple walls, comfy couches, local art on the walls and free WiFi. In addition to being a cute coffee shop and foodery they also have a ‘mini store’ where they sell mugs, travel cups and t-shirts, I couldn’t help but by this adorable mug made by


                  I went for my normal ‘large hot coffee with soy and sugar’ which was super tasty, hot and bold. They also have every type of espresso, cappuccino, iced drink and tea you could imagine. The whole vegan thing stopped me from getting much else but you can get a full breakfast or lunch here with everything from sandwich’s, panini’s, soups, salads to all the pastries your little tummy can handle.

                  This is the kind of place where everyone is dressed in black, toting their MacBooks and writing their memoirs into their moleskins which is a pretty rare find for downtown Boston where the norm is a hustle and bustle line around the corner Dunkin. I would suggest this place to friends and come back again for sure.


  • Comfy couches
  • Lamps instead of overhead lighting
  • Free wifi (password: drinkcoffee)
  • Local artists paintings for sale
  • Soy Milk at no extra charge


  • You can literally feel the orange line under you.


  • Address: 515 Washington St. Boston, MA 02111
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @BostonCommon
  • Locations: 3 (North End, Financial Dist. & Downtown Crossing)
  • Est. 2004
  • Artists: Contact Alex Clayman to show your art!

Welcome to The Brewed Awakening!

Hello, my name is Craig and I love coffee. I live in Boston and normally go to a Starbucks or a Seattle’s because they are on every street corner. In an effort to be more socially conscious and keep money in my community I have decided to cut out chain coffee shops from my daily routine and explore the independent coffee shops that Boston and beyond have to offer. 

I decided to start this blog in order to keep track of all the places I have gone and to write a little bit about each one. I am open to suggestions if anyone knows of any hidden gems out there! 

I hope you enjoy my blog, if anyone wants to add anything just let me know by e-mailing me here: / or tweeting at me here @TheBrewedBlog

Thanks, Craig